The End of Porn

     Physically interconnected wires finally circumscribing the entire Earth and allowing 47 U.S.C. 153 (59) "wire communications" otherwise disguised as "the enter net" should have finally allowed SAFE worldwide communications for all of humanity WITHOUT FILTRATION. The development of immediate worldwide communications should have led to cures for cancer and development of unlimited clean power sources. The honorable development of the interconnected wire medium was made impossible by an immoral, aging SCOTUS failing to recognize the "enter net" as nothing but computers replacing telegraph and fax machines connected by physically interconnected WIRES when combined with the radio medium. The Reno v ACLU mistake alleged to create an immaginary new medium.

     The culturally senile and immoral United States' Courts are why the attractive nuisance of unregulated "free speech" disguised as "enter net" exists and continues today because of an elderly oligarchy addicted to anonymous access to free porn or anonymous access for children and judges like Honorable Timothy L. Brooks to enjoy what was called "artisan n_des" in a judicial fiat counter to United States law in Doc 22.

Honorable Timothy L. Brooks is NOT culturally senile but is surrounded by cultural senility in the Judicial Branch as a whole and quoted one of Hon Jimm Larry Hendren's angry, immoral "lies" in immoral Doc. 22. This egregious mistake was called dishonorable and immoral in the Doc. 24 brief supporting the Doc. 23 motion to reconsider mistakes of law and set a new trial. The immoral and dishonorable mistake by Honorable Timothy L. Brooks was not fixed while "Honorable" Timothy L. Brooks remained semi-anonymous.  No new trial was ordered or no honorable ruling was done by Honorable Timothy L. Brooks. This mistake will become young Honorable Timothy L. Brooks most egregious and most widely known mistake and will haunt a potentially 30-40+ year rule.

     The worst law mistake in earth's history will begin an ineffective process of appeals but United States courts are wholly immoral and utterly addicted to assuming moral superiority to United States' parents and presume to be better suited to decide which unrated "good Samaritan" labeled JPG files young children should see on the "enter net" anonymously.

1. Neeley v 5 Federal Communications Commissioners, et al, (5:14-cv-5135)
| Dishonorably dismissed counter to law by Honorable Timothy L. Brooks.
This biting but respectful BRIEF SHOULD have resulted in this complaint being allowed for
an AR jury but WAS NEVER READ!  
This Partial Summary Judgment Motion with biting Support Brief should have resulted in the
complete end of unauthorized display of indecency to the anonymous but
2. Neeley v Federal Communications Commissioners, et al, (5:13-cv-5293)
| Legal mistake by immoral, angry, culturally-senile, porn-protecting Jimm Larry Hendren.

3. Neeley v FCC, et al, (5:13-mc-00066)
| Legal mistake by immoral, angry, culturally-senile, porn-protecting Jimm Larry Hendren. 

4. Neeley Jr v FCC, et al, (5:12-cv-5208) (13-1506)(13-6502)
| Legal mistake by pro se plaintiff and immoral, angry, culturally-senile, porn-protecting
Jimm Larry Hendren.
5. Neeley v NameMedia Inc et al, (5:12-cv-5074)
|  Legal mistake by severely brain injured pro se plaintiff
6. Neeley v NameMedia Inc et al, (5:09-cv-05151)(11-2558
| Immoral decision by immoral, angry, senile, porn-protecting Jimm Larry Hendren.
The only consideration for moral copy[rites] for photography in history!
Moral rights ruled not to protect for unauthorized use of embarrassing photo art "online".

       Donate funds to support the end of unauthenticated indecency access and/or recognition by United States of the moral right to repent and control whether prior immoral visual art creations can be legally shown by GOOG, et. al. to
unauthenticated children and federal judges against the moral honor of reformed artists. 17 U.S.C. 106A was ruled not to apply "online" by immoral and culturally senile Hon Jimm Larry Hendren in the only consideration of this law since passed in 1990.  Europe protects personal privacy and honor better than the United States because European artists have ALWAYS had the right to control name-associated usage of creations since 1734!  The United States officially misspelled the compounding of copy and rite with the Copy[rite] Act of 1790 before the word [sic] "copyright" was ever in any authoritative dictionary. Noah Webster wrote the copy rite act of 1790 several decades before his first 1828 "Dictionary of the AMERICAN English Language". Noah Webster was a 'Christian' and famously said, "Education is useless without the Bible", but this man would despise how United States' courts turned wire communications into the "porn-ter-net" and then re-established indulgences protested first by Rev. Martin Luther on Oct. 31, 1517.

     True judicial morality was never expected with about 103-civil cases and roughly 66-criminal cases for 167 or so cases for Honorable Timothy L. Brooks of around total 893 cases opened in the first six months of 2014 for theWestern District of Arkansas. Four+ civil cases per week for Honorable Timothy L. Brooks to consider with over one additional crime to consider each week. Curtis J. Neeley Jr. contends this case-load is absurd.

Donate money to help Curtis J Neeley Jr. seek the end of unauthenticated indecency access and the recognition by United States of the moral right to repent and control whether past creations of immoral visual art can be legally shown by GOOG, et. al. to unauthenticated children and federal judges against the wishes of reformed artists. This continuously harms the Berne Convention Article 6bis honor of these reformed artists.

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